15 March 2024

70 Reading Quotes for Kids Like Tickets to New Worlds


And that's (nearly!) a wrap for Book Week 2024.

What a brilliant week - some amazing reading experiences for our school family and more than £250 raised to spend on lovely new books for our classrooms and library.

There's still time to collect a freebie or two from our local businesses - they're looking forward to sharing a story with your child right up till closing time on Sunday, so why not get out there and see Book Week right through to the very end?

THANK YOU all so much for everything you did to make our book week such a success. If you could spare a moment to fill in this super-quick survey, it would be very much appreciated and help me plan Book Week 2025! Please feel free to send any additional comments or feedback to enquiries@aldermaston.w-berks.sch.uk. 

Have a wonderful weekend.




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