Meet our Learning Heroes

A top secret project at Aldermaston School resulted in a new breed of superhero. We wanted our children to have lots of knowledge but more importantly, to develop the skills to be successful learners. We asked our children to share their ideas about the skills they needed - the superskills required to help them succeed in and out of school and carry them successfully into their futures. These ideas were used to create our Aldermaston Learning Heroes.

Every term we focus on one of our learning heroes to help children develop those superskills.  We teach the skills and plan to use them in lessons. We celebrate children demonstrating their learning hero powers and every term one child in each class is awarded the title of CLASS LEARNING HERO.

The Manager Octopus:-

  • I am organised and ready.
  • I welcome challenge.
  • I am responsible and use resources well.

The Reflector Owl:-

  • I check.
  • I correct and improve.
  • I reflect and respond.

The Team Worker Ant:-

  • I listen.
  • I participate and share.
  • I collaborate and support.

The Investigator Dog:-

  • I am curious.
  • I ask questions and research.
  • I am enthusiastic and persevere.

The Thinker Firefly:-

  • I solve problems.
  • I use learning and imagination to plan.
  • I can explain my ideas.