Learning in Wrens Class

Our Wrens Class is a safe and exciting place for our children to learn.

We have designed a curriculum around three areas which we know are really important to families in our Aldermaston community:

  • Communication
  • Independence and exploration
  • Relationships and self

These areas tie in closely with our whole school curriculum intent but they are also those which target the learning skills our foundation stage children need to develop to enjoy and succeed at learning in their first school year and beyond.


Our chosen topics allow us to provide each child with rich experiences to engage their curiosity and motivate them to explore each of the areas above whilst also covering the areas they will need to meet the early learning goals at the end of their first year at school.

The children are introduced to phonics. More information can be found here  

We carefully track children's progress as they develop new skills so we can support them if they find particular areas difficult or challenge them where we can see that they are ready to move on.  Click here for more information on pupil progression.