In our school, we use a Therapeutic Thinking approach to managing behaviour.



Therapeutic Thinking is a whole school cultural approach that focuses on improving the educational experiences and outcomes for all children.    

  • Children are supported and encouraged to build strong relationships with their teachers and classmates

  • The learning experiences of all children are improved due to the needs of individual learners being met

  • Staff model the therapeutic values and children are encouraged to become kind, accepting, honest and tolerant young people

  • The achievements and contributions of all children are recognised and celebrated

  • The individual talents and skills of each child are valued by the school, their teachers and peers

  • All children are provided with the opportunities to become self-motivated and curious learners setting them up for succeeding both in their education and throughout life

  • Children are part of an inclusive culture built on the respect and celebration of individuals which promotes confidence and high self-esteem for all.

If you would like to find out more, please read our parent information booklet here.