Start and finish times are as follows:-

Class (Years) Registration Finish Location
Wrens (Years R) 8:55am 3.15pm Playground
Robins (Year 1&2) 8.55am 3.15pm Playground
Owls (Years 3) 8.55am 3.25pm Playground
Kingfishers (Years 4 and 5) 8.55am 3.25pm Playground
Starlings (Years 5 & 6) 8.55am 3.25pm Playground


Children may arrive and make their way into class from 8:45am.  If you arrive before this time, children may wait, accompanied by a responsible adult, in the playground. 

Larks Club is temporarily providing childcare before school at 8:15am until 4th October when Energy Kidz will take over this facility.

Larks Club

After school club is provided by Energy Kidz until 6:00pm after school.

Energy Kidz