Aldermaston PE aims to provide ALL pupils with a lasting legacy that sees them leaving our school having developed not just the physical literacy, knowledge of teamwork skills and fair play, as well as the emotional and cognitive skills to underpin future sporting activities, but also a set of transferable life skills provided by the six Real PE cogs. By exposing them to a range of different sports and activities, we aim to give every child the opportunity to find their own path to enjoying active and healthy lifestyles throughout their teens and adulthood.




Aldermaston is proud to be a Real Legacy school - one of the first in Berkshire. We use the Real PE resources from Create Development to provide a holistic approach to develop children's physical, personal, social and emotional skills.

Not only are we on a mission to get all our children more active by developing the fundamental physical skills that are so often overlooked, our PE lessons are centered around the child to enable them to be successful in the classroom and in later life.