Art and D&T Curriculum

Art links with everything we do in school. It is directly linked with engineering, mathematics and science. It encourages our children to be problem solvers, innovators and producers even when not working directly within creative industry. Art is thinking about future careers in design, architecture and creative industries. Design is, simply put, making things better for people.

Through Art, children can say what cannot be said through self-expression. At Aldermaston, we encourage children to be problem solvers, ‘creative experimenters’ and to be proud of their achievements. Learning art and design skills enables children to cope with the unexpected as their own work unfolds and they learn ‘how to’ by studying the work of others.

  • Children will look at and describe what they see, think and feel when looking at images and artefacts, identifying different art forms and suggest reasons for the artist’s or designer’s intention.
  • Children will study the art and design of significant modern artists, those from the past, as well as from other cultures as a stimulus to develop their own ideas and to improve their own skills.
  • Skills will be taught explicitly in 4 key areas of art and design: drawing; painting; 3D; digital