In the event of poor weather, we make every attempt to keep the school open, and we hope that these arrangements will not be needed. On the rare occasions when it is necessary, and the school needs to be closed in an emergency (e.g. snow, power/heating failure) the school will inform parents as quickly as possible to allow you to make alternative arrangements for your children:

  • Schoolcomms – the school will text parents of the closure. (Names and numbers must be on our system)
  • Local Radio Stations will make announcements:
    • Radio Berkshire - 104.1, 104.4, 95.4 and 94.6FM:
    • The Breeze Newbury – 105.6 and 107.4FM:
    • Heart FM – 97.0, 102.9 and 103.4 FM:
    • 107 FM – 107 FM

School will email parents (through Schoolcomms) of any further information, once it is available, i.e., likely time of reopening.

The website will post updated information once it is available.

The West Berkshire website also keeps up to date information regarding school closures.

Please keep this information for reference.