‘No Nuts’ statement 


We have a responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for everyone in our school and we take the management of allergies very seriously.

As our school currently has one or more pupils on roll who suffer from a serious nut allergy, we request that parents and carers do not send food to school that contains nuts.

This includes:-

  •  All types of nuts
  •  Spreads and sandwich fillings containing nuts like peanut butter and Nutella
  •  Cereal and chocolate bars which contain nuts
  •  Cakes or biscuits which contain nuts

Please check food labels if you are unsure about ingredients.


Our role in school

We will ensure our caterers are aware of any severe food allergies.

We will talk to children about allergies in school to ensure they understand why we don’t share food and as part of our curriculum in relation to staying healthy and keeping safe.

We will ensure that there are staff trained in understanding and dealing with Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions).

We will share our ‘nut free’ status with parents and carers and the wider school community and remind them of the need to avoid nuts when sending in packed lunches or any other food for consumption in school.

We will follow the requirements of care plans provided in relation to individual children and adults. In the event of anyone suffering an allergic reaction, we will work with those affected to carefully review procedures and practices and make any necessary adjustments to what we are doing in school.