3 March 2023


  1. What was the food that Mr Strong ate every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Eggs
  2. What type of animal was Hermione Granger’s pet, Crookshanks? A cat
  3. What did the Grinch try to steal from Whoville? Christmas
  4. What stringed instrument does Sophie’s mother play in Rooftoppers? A cello
  5. What colour is Ahmed’s treasured rucksack in The Boy At The Back Of The Class? Red
  6. What did Percy Jackson have to steal back from the gods in his first adventure? A lightning bolt
  7. What does Mr Gregg change his name to at the end of The Magic Finger, to show his new respect for birds? Mr Egg
  8. What was Tim’s job in The Highwayman? An ostler – he looked after the horses
  9. What job did Felix’s parents have in Once? Booksellers
  10. What did the boy find on the beach in How To Catch A Star? A starfish

    ROUND 2: WHEN?

  11. In which month of the year were both Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom born? July
  12. What time did Cinderella’s magic run out? Midnight
  13. The White Witch has cast a spell on Narnia which means that it’s always winter, but never when? Christmas
  14. In what academic year does August Pullman start going to school in Wonder? Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 or Year 8? Year 5  
  15. On which day of the week did the Very Hungry Caterpillar eat three plums? Wednesday
  16. When does the Her Majesty the Queen first meet the BFG? Early morning, mid afternoon or late evening? Early morning
  17. When did Tiddler finally arrive at school after the story led him home again? Half past three
  18. What day of the week did the Dragon Initiation  assessment take place in How To Train Your Dragon? Thor’s day Thursday
  19. In which decade is Goodnight Mister Tom set? 1940s
  20. How long did Sleeping Beauty fall asleep for?   100 years


  21. Where does Mary Lennox live at the beginning of The Secret Garden? India
  22. Where does Matilda go to school? Crunchem Hall
  23. At the start of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, where does Mrs Rabbit tell Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail that they must not go? Mr McGregor’s garden
  24. Where is Moonface’s house in The Magic Faraway Tree? Top, middle or bottom? Top
  25. Where does Frodo have to take the ring in order to destroy it? Mount Doom
  26. Where is Little Red Riding Hood going when she first meets the wolf? Grandma’s house
  27. Where do Mr Wonka’s squirrels throw all the bad nuts, plus Verruca Salt and her parents, in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? Down the rubbish chute
  28. Where does the White Witch meet Aslan to kill him in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe? The Stone Table
  29. Where does the snake live in The Gruffalo? In an underground house, in a treetop house or in a logpile house? In a logpile house
  30. Where does Pippi Longstocking live? Villa Villekulla

    ROUND 4: WHO?


  31. Who turns into Captain Underpants? Mr Krupp
  32. Who lives in the teapot in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland? The Dormouse
  33. Who tries to persuade the grumpy Grinch to eat green eggs and ham? Sam I Am
  34. Who feeds Mr Twit wormy spaghetti? Mrs Twit
  35. Who looked after Zog whenever he hurt himself? Princess Pearl
  36. Whose bed did Goldilocks eventually fall asleep in? Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear or Baby Bear? Baby Bear
  37. Who Photoshopped Auggie Pullman out of the class portrait in Wonder? Julian’s mum
  38. Who wrote PLEASE LOOK AFTER THIS BEAR on the label around Paddington’s neck? Aunt Lucy
  39. Who prescribed heavy shoes as a cure for Mr Bounce? Dr Makeyouwell
  40. Who is the narrator of the Sherlock Holmes books? Watson   


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