2 March 2023



  1. Who turns into Captain Underpants?
  2. Who lives in the teapot in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland?
  3. Who tries to persuade the grumpy Grinch to eat green eggs and ham?
  4. Who feeds Mr Twit wormy spaghetti?
  5. Who looked after Zog whenever he hurt himself?
  6. Whose bed did Goldilocks eventually fall asleep in? Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear or Baby Bear?
  7. Who Photoshopped Auggie Pullman out of the class portrait in Wonder?
  8. Who wrote PLEASE LOOK AFTER THIS BEAR on the label around Paddington’s neck?
  9. Who prescribed heavy shoes as a cure for Mr Bounce?
  10. Who is the narrator of the Sherlock Holmes books?   

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