16 August 2021

Starting small

In Spring, we started to sow the seeds for our school garden.  It was hard to imagine how we would fill the four large empty raised beds which had been installed last year.  The children loved any time spent in the garden, even the weeding!  We have a lot of friendly worms in Aldermaston and the children enjoyed meeting them and the other local minibeasts and developing their understanding of why they were important for our plants to thrive. The little seeds planted in homemade newspaper pots, recycled containers and sometimes directly into the soil have all grown into magnificent plants.

Healthy harvest

In the last few weeks of our summer term, we were amazed by the mass of flowers blooming across the garden.  We really enjoyed harvesting potatoes, strawberries and cucumbers (these were particularly crunchy) and remembering how they had grown from such small seeds.  The courgettes, tomatoes and pumpkins were also looking fantastic.  We can't wait to see what is ready to be picked when we return in September.