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Sports Premium 

At Aldermaston C of E Primary school we offer a wide variety of sports and we pride ourselves on celebrating participation and excellence, in that order.  With this in mind we planned very carefully when deciding where best to spend the Sports Premium for 2017 – 2018.  Our aim is that the funding provides a direct and sustained improvement in sporting provision for the children.

PE and Sport Premium Funding

The funding for Aldermaston C of E Primary School for this period was £13,348.39.  We carried forward £3,348.39 from last period and so we had a total of £17,182.39. The funds were spent as follows.


School Affiliation - £3,222.00

Being affiliated with the West Berks School Sports Network brings a great deal of advantages to our school including:

  • Annual conference in September and summer twilight conference giving all information for the coming year.
  • Full competition calendar with range of sports, events and activities to ensure ALL young people get the opportunity to participate
  • School Games Level 3 County Finals for qualifying schools
  • Continued funding and support from Greenham Common Trust via Berkshire Youth, subsidising and maximising coaching delivery and support to schools
  • Affiliation to NDPNA (Netball) and Team Kennet covered in your affiliation. Current discussions to include NDPFA to be included (TBC)
  • Medals for 1st and 2nd place in all competitions
  • Ongoing advice and support and networking opportunities with other schools through the network
  • School Games Mark award and accreditation
  • Equipment FREE loan library


Training - £2, 595

To ensure sustainable impact of the funding we have continued with training on the excellent scheme of works Real PE and Real Gym.  This ensures that all teachers and HLTAs have the confidence and skills to deliver gymnastic lessons and PE lessons fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements. The scheme of work provided with the training has also ensured the teachers can assess the children to monitor progress and identify areas for development. All teachers delivering PE have now been trained in the Real PE scheme of works.  We also had a member of staff attend a training course on Nordic Walking which is an ideal activity for those children who are not particularly sporty.  It is a fun way of exercising as well as a good activity for children to socialise.

This year we also invested in training for a member of staff in Yoga and Mindfulness for children.  We felt this was an area that would greatly benefit many of our pupils and help them refine balance and co-ordination, develop focus and concentration, whilst also boosting self-esteem and confidence.  The training will be cascaded to all members of staff to use in the classroom and during PE sessions. There is also a lunchtime club.

Coaching - £630 Sports clubs and competitions

Specialist coaches who work alongside class teachers (NOT used as PPA cover but provide effective teachers’ professional development as well as quality provision for children) We also employed a specialist coach to run extra after school clubs and attend some competitions, allowing us to enter an increased number of events this year. We were finding that some of the clubs had low attendance figures and found the reason for this was that many of the children attend clubs, such as Beavers, Brownies and sports clubs outside of school.  With this in mind in the Spring and Summer terms 2018 we organised for a coach to run a lunch time club.  These have proved very successful.  The main benefit is that it is available to all children in school, giving them further opportunity for active play.  Another benefit is that it gives us opportunity for our lunch time controllers to work alongside the coach providing professional development enabling them to run their own lunch time sporting activities.

Equipment - £1,080.50

As well as replacing worn out small equipment (footballs etc) we purchased a set of Nordic Walking Poles.  These have been used successfully with Year 6 in PE and will be used in the Summer term for a Club for those children who do not enjoy or have the confidence to play team sports.

The remaining unspent funding has been carried forward to next year to help fund the development of a multi-sport activity area.

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety.


Percentage of our current Year 6 cohort who swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.



Percentage of our current Year 6 cohort that use a range of strokes efficiently (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.



Percentage of our current Year 6 cohort that perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations



Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but his must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements.  Have you used it in this way?

Not presently but we are reassessing how we provide swimming to our pupils.



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