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Meet our Learning Heroes!



Our children designed superheroes that had learning superskills. A parent who is also a graphics designer turned our designs into the five characters below.

All our Superheroes show:

Compassion (putting others before themselves as every superhero should)


Respect (recognising that each person is equally special and important no matter what they are like)

and they

Strive for their best (we see this most clearly in their superskills)                  


Manager: Is Ready, Responsible, Challenged, Focussed, Resilient, and uses the 4 B’s

Reflector: Checks, Responds, Improves, Reflects, Corrects, and is Resilient

Team worker: Listens, Shares, Collaborates, Supports, Participates, and Respects others’ opinions

Investigator:  Is Curious and Independent, Makes links, Perseveres, Solves problems and Researches

Thinker:  makes links;  solves problems creatively;  uses imagination;  asks questions (what if? why? how? what can I use?) and experiments.


Our challenge is to take inspiration from these heroes to develop our own learning superskills!

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