Autumn Terms 2021 - November update

In light of recent high rates of infection in West Berkshire, we have reviewed our Covid-19 risk assessment measures.  We know that everyone has benefitted enormously from the return to near normality in school life since September.  However, we also need to balance this against the risk posed by a rising number of local infections.  As a result, we have implemented the following additional measures:-

  • All visitors to the school site to wear face coverings unless exempt.
  • Visits to school by appointment only and face coverings to be worn by visitors in communal areas.
  • Any child or adult who has a household member test positive for Covid 19 is encouraged to take a daily lateral flow test for 7 days in addition to taking a one off PCR.   Use of lateral flow tests for children is left to parent discretion.  It remains the case that any symptomatic child should be taken for a PCR test.

In school, we have made some adjustments to how staff are using communal areas and wearing face coverings.  We will be continuing to ensure rooms are well ventilated and well cleaned and that extra hand washing (which has become part of our school routines) is still taking place.

We will closely monitor the local situation and will be ready to implement other measures if they become necessary.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Reporting cases of Covid-19 

Thank you for being so proactive and supportive in keeping us informed about potential cases of Covid-19 in our school community.  If you need to let us know about a potential or confirmed case of Covid-19, please either telephone or send us an e-mail at


If your child has to stay at home due to Covid-19

We are committed to providing work for children to complete at home if they are unable to attend school due to Covid-19. We don’t want any of our children to miss out on their learning. When you call in to let us know about your child's absence, we will ask if they are well enough to complete some work. There is no expectation for poorly children to do anything else other than resting and getting better as quickly as possible. However, if your child tests positive for Covid-19 but does not have any symptoms or feels generally well, we will set them work through their Google Classroom.